At SEMEC Specialised LLC, we trade in various products of international brands for the construction industry

Electrical Products

> Electric - Switches & Sockets / Floor Boxes, UK

> Tekab Fire & Heat Resistant Cables, UAE

> Belden COntrol Cables, UK

> MK Switches and Sockets, UK

> Scheider Electric

> Lite-Tech Light Fittingsm, A Philips Joint Venture

> KED Brooke Light Fittings, UK

HVAC Products

> Maskal Refrigerant Pipes, South Africa

> Gulf-O-Flex Rubber Insulation, UAE

> Foster 30-36, USA

> Duraflex Flexible Ducts, USA

> Duro PVC Tape / Aluminium Tape, USA

> Premier Duct Sealant

> Cora Cloth

> Volume Dampers

> Air Supply / Return Diffuser

> Linear Grills

> Electrical & Mechanical Ideitification Labels and Tags

Mechanical Products

> Tork Center Feed Tissue Dispenser, Sweden

> Anda Hand Dryer, UK

> Ingo-Man Surgical Soap Dispenser, Germany

Building Materials

> Starret Cutting Tools (UK/Brazil)

> Raised Floors - Kanmatrix

> False Ceiling - Kanmatrix Metal Suspended Ceiling Solutions

Product Portfolio

We represent The best of brands in the industry